Saturday, February 18, 2012

News and Events

It's Saturday, but it's still a busy week over at ZOVA. On Thursday we headed down to Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego for the release of Mike Sirota's contemporary Native American ghost story, The Burning Ground, newly released just this past Tuesday. Yes, a ghost story for Valentine's Day. For some, it may seem the most appropriate gift on such a holiday. Following that, this weekend's Southern California Writers' Conference (also in San Diego) is featuring a number of ZOVA titles, from Sirota's newest, to pre-releases of Wes Albers' police drama and Jessica Therrien's highly anticipated YA debut, Oppression. We can't wait to hear feedback from the first readers of each of these very different books. There's more to come of course, from Jessica Therrien's official book launch at the Barnes & Noble in Fullerton on March 3rd to a variety of book signings and festivals in the months ahead.

We hope to see you at all of them.

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