Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When the Prices Fall...

In a continuous effort to provide the best possible literature at the most accessible prices in the widest variety of formats, you will be pleased to note that the ebook prices for Jenny Bellington's East to Adonia, Michele Scott's Happy Hour, and Mike Sirota's Fire Dance have all dropped to remarkably appealing digits.

Between the three books, you pretty much have your pick of summer reading. From Mike Sirota's thrilling, chilling Southern California ghost story to Michele Scott's compelling narrative of four friends and their families in the beautiful Napa Valley to Jenny Bellington's rip-roaring adventure on the high seas - and in dark castles - and through mysterious forests . . . you'll have your summer cut out for you.

The magically affordable digital prices range from only $2.99 for Happy Hour and East to Adonia to a startling $0.99 for Fire Dance (I know!! Amazing, right?). In other words, download them now or miss out on the ZOVA Books digital sale of the century (or something like that). If you haven't already converted to the world of e-reading, this just might be the time to do it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From page to screen

Faithful followers have already been hearing whispers of the newest development in the life of ZOVA, but the rest of the world is just getting a whiff of the wonderful things to come with Monday's article in The Hollywood Reporter. Already re-posted by Yahoo Movie News and a host of other sites, we're stuffing search engines to overflowing with the buzz. You can read the bulk of the article by Borys Kit below, or peruse The Hollywood Reporter for more Industry news:

The boutique publishing house ZOVA Books has signed with management and production banner Circle of Confusion for representation in film, TV and foreign print rights.

The ZOVA client roster ranges from Dances With Wolves author Michael Blake to Anna Lee Waldo, the Pulitzer Prize nominee for the international bestseller Sacajawea, to best-selling mystery writer Michele Scott (The Wine Lovers Mysteries series).

ZOVA joins Circle of Confusion’s already-formidable literary client list, ranging from comic book and graphic novel publisher IDW Publishing to Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman to Adam Goldberg, the co-creator of Fox’s Breaking In to Matrix directors Andy and Lana Wachowski.

The company is hoping to emphasize the “circle” in their name with the signing, calling it “circular representation,” with plans to identify properties for film and TV translations while also giving the company’s existing clients an outlet for prose work.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Planning your book club?

I don't know if you've been noticing the new trend, but Culinary Book Clubs have been making an appearance across the country. We have one thing to say to that: Yes, please! If any book group was more tailor made for Michele Scott's Happy Hour, we don't know what it is. With recipes and book club questions included, this book is the perfect way to bring together your own friends for a unique happy hour.

We've been thinking about the book a lot lately, what with Mother's Day literally around the corner and the summer following close behind. It seems that more and more women are ready for the chance to set their busy schedules aside and start prioritizing friendship and quality recreation (which, of course, means reading, preferably in a lounge chair with a shady hat and a glass of red nearby).  

So we were more than excited when Michele Scott was featured on the popular online radio show Girlfriendology yesterday. You can listen to the interview yourself below. Michele's work is the perfect antidote to a frazzled mind, and the ideal companion for the relaxing moments this summer promises. If you like the interview, be sure to check out her website. Michele is always available to call in (or visit, if you're local) your own book club, at happy hour or beyond.

Listen to internet radio with Girlfriendology on Blog Talk Radio

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What to get the mother who has (almost) everything...

In a few short days, daughters and sons across America will be showing their love and gratitude to their mothers in a variety of ways. Over at Amazon's book blog, their editors have been suggesting tailored book selections for their readers' mothers. Here at ZOVA, we have one in particular that we simply have to suggest above all the rest.

Michele Scott's Happy Hour has already been hailed as the first beach read of the summer season - and here in Los Angeles, we at ZOVA can all attest to summer already being here. Happy Hour tells the story of four women with distinct backgrounds, struggles, and secrets, who get together once a month for happy hour. Their stories resonate with women everywhere, as each one tells of something at least vaguely familiar to us all - the pain of divorce, buried memories that rise to the surface, financial troubles, realizing that one perspective isn't the whole perspective, losing love, finding love. . . . It's all there.

Author Michele Scott is inviting book bloggers and reviewers to request promotional copies of the book right now at happyhourbook (at) gmail.com. It's a pretty compelling offer for reviewers with a hefty-enough following, but for your beloved mother (who has probably received her share of flowers and chocolates), we might suggest purchasing a copy at your bookseller of choice.

(While you're at it, we might suggest pairing the book with a good bottle of wine. Any suggestions?)