Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ask the Author: Jessica Therrien

This week we sat down with Jessica Therrien, debut author of the upcoming YA novel, OPPRESSION, to ask her questions about her new release. Here are some of her responses to our most pressing curiosities:

1. What first inspired you to write Oppression?
 A few years ago, when the Young Adult genre was just starting to take off, I whipped through the Twilight Saga and the Hunger Games Trilogy. Once I finished, I needed more. I was eager to dive into something just as compelling. I searched and searched, but nothing captivated me like those books did, so I decided why not write my own? After all, I knew what I was looking for in a YA novel. A year later Oppression was born.
2. Did you have to do any research while you were writing?
Yes. I was constantly doing research on Greek Mythology. Not only did I want the concept to seem believable, but whenever I was lacking ideas, I would look up Greek gods and goddesses to see how I could turn them into a character with a supernatural ability.
3. Are any of the characters or events of the book pulled from your real life experience?
Absolutely. I’m actually a Descendant! 
Okay, I wish I was, but I’m not. However, much of the book was pulled from my own life experience, the love story in particular. As I was writing Oppression, I was falling in love with the man that is now my husband. He is my William. Don’t get any crazy ideas ladies. He’s taken.
4. Did you always know it would be a series? Are there any hints you can give us about the upcoming books?
Like most debut authors, I didn’t start writing this book with the idea that it would ever be published. I wrote on the fly and for fun, satisfying my YA book addiction, but as the story progressed and I grew to love the characters, I knew I’d have to keep going.
I’m so excited about the next book. I want to tell you everything, but I’ll have to restrain myself. Let’s just say that there are new characters, new abilities, action sequences and fighting scenes, death, rekindled love, new love, new life, and twists around every corner that you won’t see coming.

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