Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Escape from Hat escapes at last

The anticipation for the release of Adam Kline and Brian Taylor's remarkable children's novel, Escape from Hat, has been overwhelming. So much so that pre-orders for the book have exceeded our shipments. While we rush to get copies to you in the next few days, the digital book is always available. And we know from experience that those illustrations look pretty sweet on a shiny screen.


  1. There are not enough words to express how wonderful Escape From Hat is - the prose, the plot, the characters, the art are all so delightful! You cannot go wrong buying and reading this book. This is the book to share with your children and grandchildren. It is so well written that adults can read it just for their own entertainment. This is going to be in everyone's Christmas stocking this year!

  2. This is a wonderful book! The characters are fantastic, and the storytelling is just such fun for young, old, and in between. Try it - you'll like it!!