Monday, December 5, 2011

What to Give for Kwanzaa

For the Brave:
There's nothing that says "Happy Holidays" like a set of VMK Fewings' Stone Masters Vampire novels. Actually, the series is an excellent gift for any occasion, especially since vampires are so popular these days. A word of warning - or perhaps a word of invitation - these vampires are not of the sparkling variety. They're the good old tormented undead, the kind that remind us vampire literature marked the beginning of the horror genre. We'd call these classics, and we'd pair them with nothing less than a DVD of the original Nosferatu. Unless you're very generous, in which case round trip tickets to Cornwall would do the trick.

For the Literati:
Michael Blake's novel, Dances With Wolves, has long been considered a classic of historical fiction. Its sequel, The Holy Road, is unquestionably just as profound - if not more so - as a narrative of the decline and fall of a Native American tribe. As a book, the novel easily stands on its own. But following the release of the 20th Anniversary edition of the DVD of Dances With Wolves earlier this year, the two make for an excellent gift. Share the Academy Award winning film along with its literary sequel, and maybe - just maybe - you can borrow both.

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