Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Lines

The first day of any month is a day to celebrate, because firsts promise new beginnings, new experiences, new discoveries. We have a lot of hopes for our readers this December - that you'll enjoy whatever holidays you celebrate in a special way, appreciating the traditions you've carried with you till now, but also being open to new joys.

In honor of first things, here are some "first lines" selected from a few of our books. If they intrigue you, there's always a way to read more. But of course, we're also interested in hearing your favorite first lines. So please feel free to share along with us.

"Between the northern Welsh towns of Bangor and Colwyn Bay, an isolated family farm sat in a small meadow with rocky hills on three sides." - Anna Lee Waldo, Watch the Face of the Sky

"Like all nightmares, I wanted out." - V.M.K. Fewings, A Vampire's Dominion

"My head snapped back like the slide on a semiautomatic pistol." - Edgar J. Rossi, One for the Road

"Kat McClintock was late." - Michele Scott, Happy Hour

"My youngest brother is a bit of a weirdo." - Jenny Bellington, East to Adonia

"The fourteen-year-old girl struggled to break free from the bindings on her hands and feet." - Teresa Burrell, The Advocate's Conviction

"The bells of St. Paul's Cathedral rang loud and clear as they did every Sunday morning." - Clive London, Prince Albert and the Doomsday Device

"The scalp was red and thick, but what made it especially extraordinary was its great length." - Michael Blake, The Holy Road

"Outside the adobe walls of the sanitarium the eerie, primordial beauty of the southern California desert went ignored by the wandering inmates." - Mike Sirota, Fire Dance

"The bomb shelter was a large one, large enough to shelter a dozen men." - Michael Blake, Into the Stars

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