Saturday, December 3, 2011

What to Give for Hanukkah

For the dark soul:
While the most appropriate gift to pair with Edgar J. Rossi's gritty casino novel, One for the Road, might be some kind of vintage pistol, that might not go over so well at your next holiday party. A deck of cards would be just as appropriate, or a bottle of whisky, or a pack of cigarettes. Of course, it depends on who the gift is for. We might suggest that, in this case, you treat yourself.

For the philanthropist:
The Advocate's Conviction is really a good gift for anyone. While it's technically the third in Teresa Burrell's mystery series chronicling the legal thrills and chills of juvenile defense attorney Sabre Orin Brown, the book can easily be read independently of the series. It's also an excellent introduction to the struggles of foster kids and those who care for them. Bookmark this with a card marking your donation to CASA, IJM, or any other organization that works through or with the justice system to help the marginalized and oppressed, both at home and around the world. It really is the best gift you could possibly give, at any time of year.

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