Monday, October 18, 2010

ZOVA Signs New Authors

If you've talked to anyone on the ZOVA team recently, you know there's a lot going on over here. We have so many projects in the works, and it's all stuff we're genuinely excited about. This month saw the release of Jeff Sherratt's newest Jimmy O'Brien mystery, Detour to Murder - a fitting follow-up to our debut release from Teresa Burrell, The Advocate's Betrayal. We gave you a heads-up when we signed acclaimed writer and editor Mike Sirota for his upcoming novel Fire Dance, to be released this coming February. With several more secrets in store, it's about time we mentioned two of our most recent authorial acquisitions.


Author of about a dozen widely-selling novels in a variety of genres, Michele Scott is a powerhouse of a writer. Our 2011 calendar is busting at the seams with her upcoming releases, from children's books to a brand new adult series, as well as the next installment of her famous Wine Lovers Mysteries. We are delighted to be working with her - not only because her books are loved wherever they go, but because she is a genuinely delightful person to work with. Welcome to the team, Michele!


Steampunk pioneer and all-around awesome guy, Nick Valentino is a certified ZOVA favorite. (Not that we at ZOVA have favorites...) After publishing his debut novel Thomas Riley last year, Nick went on to conquer book festivals across the nation. He conquered us too. We're so riled up about his work, we'll be joining him for a special author/publisher panel at the annual Steamcon event in Seattle next month! Join us on the Nick Valentino band wagon. I promise, it will be a fun ride!

For more information about these and other developments on the ZOVA front, visit our website, newly updated with current details.

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