Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Detour to Murder

Today is the official release of Jeff Sherratt's novel, Detour to Murder! The first in a new film noir series, Sherratt returns to his indomitable criminal defense attorney, Jimmy O'Brien, but drives the familiar character in a very new direction. Taking its cues from the 1945 film classic, Detour, starring Tom Neal and Anne Savage, the story follows Al Roberts, a man accused of murder, thirty years after he's imprisoned for the crime. Of course, faithful ZOVA blog followers have heard most of this already. What you really want now is to read the book!

In which case, you should place your order on the ZOVA Books website, where early orders will receive free copies of the Detour DVD along with their book. Or meet Jeff Sherratt at any one of his many southern California events in the coming months. You can take a look at his schedule at booktour.com, or subscribe to his monthly newsletter for up-to-date news and reviews. Of course, there's his own blog to follow, facebook to 'like,' and any number of other forums, book clubs, fan sites and more to join, post, save, site, request, inquire of, or generally follow. Yep, that's how we do things nowadays!

For those of you who pre-ordered your copy of the book, it may take a little longer than usual to get it to you through Amazon or BN.com. Never fear - it will arrive soon enough. And it will be everything you were hoping for and more!

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