Saturday, October 30, 2010

Notes from the Office: Mysteries

We're hours away from Halloween-day and there's nothing that says spooky like a good murder mystery. Thankfully, we have a good selection of those around here. In the next couple months, our two masters of mystery, Jeff Sherratt and Teresa Burrell, will be running a whirlwind signing tour throughout Southern California. Hitting bookstores in the Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Diego counties, there will be no opportunity for you to miss them.

Sherratt's Detour to Murder, out just this month, has been hitting the blogosphere big time. Only moments ago, for example, it was a feature title on Death in the Stacks. The big treat of that post is the film trailer for Detour, the classic source of the novel. Check it out!

One of the premier organizations for mystery and thriller writers in the country is ITW (Internation Thriller Writers). Not only is it a fantastic resource for readers and writers alike, the bestower of the annual Thriller Awards, and the host of ThrillerFest in New York every summer, the organization is staffed by the absolutely hands-down nicest people ever. In the coming months, they're launching a Thriller Roundtable in which writers across America participate in a weekly online panel session on various topics relating to the genre.

We at ZOVA are so excited to listen in on these forum-like discussions, not only because they'll be featuring some really dynamic authors, but because three of our own writers will be joining in!!! The discussion starts this Monday, November 1st, and will be joined by our own Jeff Sherratt the following week, on November 8th. Be sure to join in. It's a wonderful opportunity to make your voice heard, and to ask all those questions you've been dying to have answered from all your favorite mystery aficionados!

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