Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Advocate's Betrayal, Day One

Today was the first official day of sales for ZOVA's first official book release. Teresa Burrell's novel, The Advocate's Betrayal, was unveiled to readers at the Barnes & Noble in the Long Beach Town Center this morning around eleven o'clock. A thorough launch party is scheduled for this weekend, as I'm sure regular blog readers know, but several fans stopped by for their signed copies at the Long Beach location, bright and early. Paired next to her first novel, the new release looked appropriately patriotic with it's eye-catching cover graphics and sleek finish. If the sales figures from today are anything to go by, I'd say we have a new wave of eager readers entering the ranks of Advocate fans. Time to take a step back and let our author do what all our authors do best: tell a good story. Thank you, Teresa. Day one, done well.

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