Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One More Week....

Our first book, The Advocate's Betrayal, will be hitting stores one week from today. We've talked a lot about the release, and we're excited to hear feedback from readers about the story itself. Of course, you can read the blurbs on Amazon, our website, and even the back of the book. You can also check out Teresa Burrell's website for a sneak peak at the thrilling preface. There are all sorts of ways to prep yourself for Sabre's next novel.

We've got some other suggestions for readers as well. For the devoted Advocate fan, why not form a mystery book club? From local libraries to online forums, there are dozens of ways to share the Advocate love with friends and strangers alike. Or, be your own advocate! Educate yourself on the needs of children's advocacy in your area. There are plenty of volunteer organizations and advocacy groups you can participate in. Or start up a discussion group on our facebook fanpage - or Teresa's fanpage - to share your favorite passages, questions, and predictions. Visit Teresa at any of her weekly appearances to get your own signed copy, and bring your friends to share the love!

In the meantime, mark your calendars for the release on June 29th, and we'll see you at the Barnes & Noble in Long Beach - or at the launch party in Riverside the following weekend. We're counting down the days!

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