Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Launch!!

At two o'clock today, we celebrated the launch of Teresa Burrell's newest legal thriller, The Advocate's Betrayal, at the Barnes & Noble in Riverside. Friends, fans, and family gathered to congratulate Teresa on the completion of her second novel, to grab their own copy, and to get it signed by her own hand!

It was quite a crowd in that store with a long line to the signing table, but spirits were high (perhaps thanks as much to the fresh cookies and hot coffee as the excitement over the novel). Teresa started off the event with a brief discussion on her varied history as a teacher, lawyer, and novelist. There were plenty of great questions from the audience, from interest in our donation of profits to the International Justice Mission to curiosity about how Sabre Orin Brown got her name.
If we needed any more proof that readers are our favorite people, this would be it. The picture above shows the line of people waiting for a signed copy. Readers are patient! Readers are fun! Congratulations to Teresa on a job well done, and many thanks to the wonderful booksellers at Riverside! We're already looking forward to next year's launch, and the book isn't even done yet! Maybe getting a little ahead of ourselves? Evidence, I suppose, that we all had a good time.

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