Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When the Prices Fall...

In a continuous effort to provide the best possible literature at the most accessible prices in the widest variety of formats, you will be pleased to note that the ebook prices for Jenny Bellington's East to Adonia, Michele Scott's Happy Hour, and Mike Sirota's Fire Dance have all dropped to remarkably appealing digits.

Between the three books, you pretty much have your pick of summer reading. From Mike Sirota's thrilling, chilling Southern California ghost story to Michele Scott's compelling narrative of four friends and their families in the beautiful Napa Valley to Jenny Bellington's rip-roaring adventure on the high seas - and in dark castles - and through mysterious forests . . . you'll have your summer cut out for you.

The magically affordable digital prices range from only $2.99 for Happy Hour and East to Adonia to a startling $0.99 for Fire Dance (I know!! Amazing, right?). In other words, download them now or miss out on the ZOVA Books digital sale of the century (or something like that). If you haven't already converted to the world of e-reading, this just might be the time to do it.

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