Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What to get the mother who has (almost) everything...

In a few short days, daughters and sons across America will be showing their love and gratitude to their mothers in a variety of ways. Over at Amazon's book blog, their editors have been suggesting tailored book selections for their readers' mothers. Here at ZOVA, we have one in particular that we simply have to suggest above all the rest.

Michele Scott's Happy Hour has already been hailed as the first beach read of the summer season - and here in Los Angeles, we at ZOVA can all attest to summer already being here. Happy Hour tells the story of four women with distinct backgrounds, struggles, and secrets, who get together once a month for happy hour. Their stories resonate with women everywhere, as each one tells of something at least vaguely familiar to us all - the pain of divorce, buried memories that rise to the surface, financial troubles, realizing that one perspective isn't the whole perspective, losing love, finding love. . . . It's all there.

Author Michele Scott is inviting book bloggers and reviewers to request promotional copies of the book right now at happyhourbook (at) gmail.com. It's a pretty compelling offer for reviewers with a hefty-enough following, but for your beloved mother (who has probably received her share of flowers and chocolates), we might suggest purchasing a copy at your bookseller of choice.

(While you're at it, we might suggest pairing the book with a good bottle of wine. Any suggestions?)

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