Friday, January 28, 2011


This past weekend, the LA Times had a conversation with actor and director Kevin Costner, looking back on the success of Dances With Wolves and the future of the man's career. It was a very different conversation between Costner and the film's screenwriter, our own Michael Blake, that inspired the writing of the novel Dances With Wolves in 1988, only a few years before the making of the epic film. Anyone who has seen the film, recently released on Blu-Ray, has asked the same question the article poses to Costner at the beginning of the interview: "What happens next?"

Well, there's a whole novel about what happens next that Blake wrote ten years ago. It's called The Holy Road, and Costner reminds readers of it right away. If you're interested in reading it, hold your proverbial horses. ZOVA will soon be re-releasing the paperback edition of the novel along with the first ebook edition, so you can complete your collection. We are proud, honored, and thrilled to bring Blake's work to a whole new generation of readers. So, be ready!

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