Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bringing Back the Backlist

One of the things we've been looking forward to in this new year has been the opportunity to re-release the backlist of some of our favorite authors. We're currently working on preparing Jeff Sherratt's earlier Jimmy O'Brien novels to join the current catalog of his work we have in house: the excellent L.A. Noir mystery, Detour to Murder, and the exclusive ebook edition of Expectation of Murder from the same series.

Until then, we're thrilled to announce the e-book re-release of Teresa Burrell's debut novel, The Advocate, now available on both Kindle and Nook. The Advocate is a perfect introduction to Burrell's legal suspense series set in modern day San Diego. Her second novel, The Advocate's Betrayal, was our first book in print, and we are still as proud of it as ever. To have both books in one house is a delight, and we're looking forward to introducing the series to a whole new readership in the coming months.

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