Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hat Trick, by Brad Keene

Gordon Lake doesn't know who he is or what he should do with his life. For the past twenty-seven years, he's been a mirror image of his father, and it's never occurred to him to live any other way. When Gordon finds himself alone, faced with a life all his own, he realizes for the first time that he is a blank slate. Determined to find definition and purpose, he moves to Los Angeles, the city of lost souls, and embarks on a social and psychological experiment - living three completely separate lives as three completely different roommates to some of the most disparate, confused people in LA.

ZOVA Books is thrilled to introduce Brad Keene, an established screenwriter best known for The Gravedancers and From Within. Hat Trick is his debut novel, and a brilliant literary performance guaranteed to establish Keene as one of the break-out writers of the year.

Hat Trick will be available for sale this month. We'll be counting down the days with you.

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