Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Soulless

If you haven't yet read Jessica Therrien's flash fiction piece from the Writers' Platform Building Campaign, we've posted it below. Jessica just won first place in the readers' choice awards and fourth place in the judges' panel for the story. You'll see why as you read on:

The door swung open.
“They’re coming.”
My stomach tightened as Brad slid the deadbolt into place and turned the couch into a barricade.
“How long?”
The sound of the soulless flinging their bodies against the door was my answer. The knob twisted and voices began to hiss. They’d find their way in soon.
The soulless only wanted one thingour hearts. Those who’d already lost theirs had slowly been taken by madness, joining the hunt for more.
“If we surrender they’ll let us live. We won’t lose ourselves if we have each other.”
I felt the steady chug of my heart beneath my ribs and shook my head violently. “I’m not going to just hand over my soul.”
Another body slammed against the door, and I jumped into Brad’s arms. He held my head against his chest, and I listened for the steady beat that always gave me comfort. Only this time, it wasn’t there, and I lost myself to unconsciousness.
When I awoke, the room was silent. I sighed with relief. Just a dream.
Then I saw it, the incision below my sternum. I looked up in horror, catching sight of Brad’s heels as the door swung shut.

Jessica Therrien's debut young adult novel will be coming to bookshelves near you next February, 2012. Keep an eye on this one.

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