Monday, June 20, 2011

The Holy Road

When Michael Blake's first novel, Dances With Wolves, came to a close, there was a suggestion of things to come. The characters - the indomitable John Dunbar, Kicking Bird, Wind In His Hair, Stands With A Fist, and the rest - all seemed to have unfinished business of some kind or other. There was a longing, in those final lines, for that to truly be the end of their story, for all to stay just as it was in the conclusion. But history tells a different story.

As does The Holy Road. Here, Michael Blake continues the tragic narrative of the Comanche people. Unlike the first novel, this story follows multiple characters in the Native American tribe with equal commitment. In this way, the novel stands entirely on its own, recounting with haunting clarity the last days of a beautiful people, and the choices they make when faced with the soulless imprisonment of the reservation - or certain extinction.

We are excited to offer you the new edition of this Native American epic, scheduled for release in July of this year.

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