Friday, February 25, 2011

Discover Jimmy O'Brien...Again

This is a big month for Jimmy O'Brien fans - and Kindle users. ZOVA Books is reintroducing the original Jimmy O'Brien series to Kindle readers everywhere, complete with new covers and fully re-edited text. Even the exclusive e-book-only edition of Expectation of Murder has been redesigned - even given a new title - to celebrate the release of the full series on the Amazon platform. Print editions will be coming soon, but for now we're just excited about the new exposure the series is getting. Here are some sneak peeks, especially for those of you who are new to the series altogether:

Guilty or Else is the first in the original Jimmy O'Brien series. O'Brien is new to the courtroom, but no stranger to the criminal underworld of 1970s Los Angeles, having worked the circuit as one of LAPD's finest for several years. When Ernesto Rodriguez, a blue collar gardener, is arrested for the brutal murder of a senator’s beautiful secretary, ex-cop turned lawyer O’Brien is brought in. But Jimmy isn’t asked to defend the man. The judge wants the man put away fast, no trial. Something doesn't smell right to Jimmy O'Brien, so he starts digging. Launching into his own investigation, Jimmy O’Brien must navigate the labyrinthine plot that has put an innocent man in jail to await trial. From Downey to Sacramento to Las Vegas, the trail runs boiling hot with greed and violence.

This is a perfect introduction to the hardened criminal attorney, Jimmy O'Brien, especially at the throw-away price of $0.99. Of course, you'll want to follow it up with the next book in the series...

The Midnight Madonna, previously titled Expectation of Murder, explores two seemingly unrelated murders - the brutal stabbing of a convict behind prison bars, and the fake suicide of a wealthy meat mogul. The first murder is quickly swept aside, because who cares about the death of one more felon? But the second is quickly pinned on the rich man's young wife - a woman with a less than reputable past. When she calls Jimmy O'Brien to help her navigate the suspicions and accusations, he can't help but wonder if there's a connection between the two events. As he explores the histories behind these two men, he begins to uncover a corrupt ring of extortion and greed.

The last of the original Jimmy O'Brien series, The Brimstone Murders will have you guessing on every digital page. After the young man O'Brien is set to defend on a murder charge escapes custody in the middle of the trial, O'Brien will go to any length to track him down again. When the clues lead to a mysterious rehabilitation center in the California desert, O'Brien begins to wonder if he might be in over his head. But there are too many questions - and the stakes are too high for O'Brien to give up altogether. With the help of his associate, Rita, and his eccentric best friend and private detective, Sol Silverman, there might be a chance to uncover the truth before anyone else winds up dead.

If you first discovered the tenacious Jimmy O'Brien with the first of his film noir series, Detour to Murder, this is the perfect opportunity to find out where he came from.

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  1. Jeff's new covers look great. He's such a salesman, too! I always tease he could sell books to a corpse. LOL