Monday, August 30, 2010

The Southern California Writers' Conference

Since it's less than a month away, we can start getting excited. Okay, so we've been excited about the Southern California Writers Conference for quite a while now, but our excitement grew all the more when we were mentioned in their front page featured news. Our author, Jeff Sherratt, will be a special guest this year, participating in the read and critique workshops they offer. Mike Sirota, out in 2011 with Fire Dance, is a regular at these events. We're looking forward to seeing him in his element. If you'd like to join us there, you'd better hurry. The event will last a full weekend, from September 24th to the 26th, in Newport Beach. Registration is up right now, so be sure to visit the website! Deadlines are the writer's greatest friend - and enemy - and this is one more fast approaching. Don't let it pass! And we'll see you there.

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